F-MCC is the local land of opportunity

Monday, September 26, 2016 - Updated: 7:15 AM


For The Recorder

It's election year where "we the people" decide who will lead us into the future. Republicans and Democrats are rarely in agreement, however, those labels don't change the American desire for a strong leader. Everyone has their own idea of what makes a leader. My perspective regarding leadership has changed drastically since enrolling at Fulton-Montgomery Community College. The college has provided me with the resources and environment I need to develop into a proficient leader.

I remember visiting during the open house three years ago looking for information about the Radiologic Technology Program. I needed a job and I heard medical imaging offered good job security with good pay. But, after meeting the current program director, Karlyn LaBate, I was inspired to seek out more than just future employment. LaBate has a unique ability to teach through storytelling, and that day she told me a story about a young man, much like myself. In short, he visited open house and proclaimed that F-MCC was where he belonged. He was determined to do something exceptional; failure was not an option. The irony of this story is this individual is the new F-MCC Clinical Coordinator Kullen Bailey. I've been fortunate enough to have learned clinical and professional skills from Bailey during my rotations at St. Mary's Hospital. From day one, F-MCC provided me with the mentors I needed to discover my leadership potential. Their passion for the field of radiology has inspired me to always work to exceed expectations.

I believe wholeheartedly that hard work and preparation are essential when pursuing a goal because you never know when opportunity will present itself. This philosophy is present in one of my favorite quotes, "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity." Since my enrollment, I've encountered numerous opportunities to serve others and better myself.

Since last September, I've supported families in need, locally and abroad, advocated for my peers in meetings with college administration, and played a fundamental role in the establishment of F-MCC's first Honor Society devoted to medical imagining, lambda nu. Additionally, I was awarded summer tuition and sent to the American Society of Radiologic Technologist National Conference in Las Vegas with the support of C-STEP. C-STEP is a program committed to the advancement of students pursuing careers in math, science, technology and health-related fields. With their sponsorship, I was able to listen to experts discuss pertinent topics in the industry, and most importantly, leadership. The amount of information and the professional contacts I've gained are immense and will serve me well throughout the remainder of my student and professional life.

Thanks to all of the resources afforded to me by F-MCC, I will be able to deliver a superior standard of care to my patients. This fall I will pay it forward and pass on my knowledge to peers and incoming freshman who I've volunteered to tutor. It will be truly rewarding to show my gratitude through assisting in the development of future imaging professionals.

Understand, this isn't "just community college." This is an institution where people with the vision to see opportunity, where others may not, can achieve exceptional things. As Nov. 8 nears, we may question who to support politically, but we should fully endorse F-MCC, because this is where our leaders are born.

Kyle Kearsley is a second year radiologic technology student at F-MCC. He is applying to SUNY Upstate Medical University for the Radiation Therapy program following graduation from F-MCC's Radiologic Technology program.